New Beginnings

Long time no talk! The most recent blog post that I made was a few weeks after Jon and I had returned home from our unexpected ending on Pride.  Even though our last season ended on a bad note, we have loved being home for almost 4 months! We have been able to catch up with family, friends, and have had some serious snuggle time with our beloved pets!

When Jon and I had returned home in May, we knew that we would be headed back to the Caribbean on a new boat next season.  However, as the months kept passing without any luck finding a new boat, we began to wonder “are we going to be able to go back?” We had interviewed for 3 different catamarans and we continually ended up coming in second place for the job.  Honestly, we began to doubt ourselves and the career path that we had chosen. Every interview that we had, seemed to go extremely well but we were still coming up short.  I think Jon and I were both stunned about how hard the process of finding a new yacht that would be a good fit, was turning out to be. All we could do was keep searching for new crew positions and continue emailing our contacts that we had previously made in the industry.

Thankfully, about 2 weeks ago one of our dear friends gave us a lead on a 62-foot lagoon that was going to need crew ASAP.  We quickly sent our CV’s to the yacht manager and then proceed to wait…we hadn’t heard anything for about 4 days so we were just assuming that the position had been filled since we knew there were already two other crews in the running.  Last week, I just figured I would check in with the yacht manager to see if any decisions had been made.  She immediately emailed us back, saying that the owner of the boat had been out of service, and therefore had not been able to reach us yet.  Within one hour, we had received a call from the owner! We both had a great conversation with the owner, and when we ended the phone call we figured we would be in touch via email if he decided he wanted to go further with the interview process. Shockingly, about 15 minutes later, we received another phone call from the owner stating that he felt very confident we would be his next crew, and that he would like to arrange a time to meet face to face.  This phone call had taken place on a Wednesday and the next thing we knew the owner had scheduled us a flight to Grenada for the following Monday.

Needless to say we have had a very busy week and a half. Jon and I attended a wedding in Boston Harbor last Friday-Sunday and then flew out early Monday morning.  We landed in Grenada around 7:30pm Monday, had a lovely dinner and then rested up for the following morning. Tuesday morning we were scheduled to meet with the owner of our possible new boat! The interview took place on the boat and lasted about three hours! We were asked the usual interview questions,  but more than anything, the owner just wanted to know if our personalities would mesh together.  He uses the boat himself for about 10 weeks out of the season.  All other weeks will be filled with weekly charters.

Jon and I are happy to announce that we have finally found our new boat! We accepted the position yesterday on Split Second a 62-foot lagoon catamaran! We understand that the program of the boat is different from Pride’s in that the charters are half with the owner and about half with charter guests. However, we are excited to start fresh and most of all to get back into the industry we love!  We start full time mid October but will be heading back to Grenada on August 30th to do a handover with the current crew before they leave. Please feel free to check out our new home in the Caribbean at

We look forward to meeting all of our new charter guests as well as some from last season! Please reach out to Jon and I if you are interested in chartering with us, and we will be happy to arrange your vacation! Cheers to our new beginning on Split Second!

Kait and Jon


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ray and Bett Moses says:

    Yay! So glad to hear the gret news!


  2. paul and ann says:

    Congrats on finding a new position on a larger craft. Hope you enjoy this year as much as you did the last one. I’m sure your charters will be very happy too. You are a great couple doing something you love and it shows to your customers.


  3. CaptUn Todd says:

    Right in Brother and Seeester


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