Yard Period

Jon and I arrived in Grenada around 3pm last Saturday.  After an extremely long week packing, moving, and finishing up a required safety course, it was nice to be back on island time.  Don’t get me wrong, the departure was filled with lots of tears shared between our family and our fur babies.  Everytime we see a dog or cat, we instantly remember that we have left our loved one’s at home for a long period of time. Eventually, Jon and I will stop tearing up 😉  We know they are in good hands!

On Monday, we finally got to move Split Second from the dock.  We fueled up at Grenada Yacht Club and then motored over to Clarks Court Boatyard, where Split Second was scheduled to haul out.  Of course, on island time there are many delays so our original time slot of 2:30pm ended up being 6:30pm.  Once we were on the hard, Jon and I made our way over to the Grooms Beach Villas and Resort, which is where we will be spending the next week.  I must admit, it is strange not living on a boat when you are in the islands.  It’s a much different atmosphere on land.  Our daily schedule consists of waking up, going to the yard around 8am, we make sure all the workers on our task while we do our own personal jobs, grab some lunch, head back to the yard around 1 (usually I can fit a run in sometime in the afternoon), then leave the yard around 4:30- 5.  You would think we would have a lot of down time this week, but that is not the case.  We need to be back in the water on Monday, so keeping the workers on task is a must!

Funny story…yesterday we were supposed to be pressure washed first thing in the morning.  As every hour went by without being pressure washed, Jon would remind them that it needed to get done ASAP.  The workers couldn’t start until this step was complete.  So around 2pm I finally walked up to the head honcho of the yard and said “is there a reason we STILL haven’t been pressure washed?” His reply was “well as soon as the cat in the slings is done we will move on to yours…” I replied, “you’ve been saying that since 8am, and currently they aren’t even using the pressure washer! We NEED to be back in the water Monday and now we are 2 days behind on work that could have already been started!” Jon looked at me like I was some sort of psycho bitch (which I was), and then I removed myself from the situation.  Five minutes later, we were being pressure washed! “See it worked!” is what I said to Jon.  He said the head honcho now knows if he doesn’t stay on schedule crazy Kait will come make and appearance! Haha.

Anyway, things seem to be on schedule today so we are still set to be back in the water on time.  Our third crew member, Isaac, arrives Tuesday and we plan to set sail for BVI on the 27th.  Of course, that is all weather depending but we will keep everyone posted! Cheers! Until next time…


Kait and Jon


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