We love the Wilbur Family!

Hello again! Jon, Isaac and I just finished our first charter on Split Second this past Saturday! We had the Wilbur family on board for one week and I can honestly say, we are now great friends! The parents, Jay and Billie Jo were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. They came with their three kids (Josh, Nick and Leah) and the two guys brought their awesome girlfriends :-).

From the moment the Wilbur family arrived, we all knew that this was going to be a great week.  They were the most laid back, fun-loving, outgoing charter group we have had yet! The week went by way too fast, and we were sad to see them go back to reality ;-). They departed on the 26th and immediately after they left for the airport, Jon, Isaac and I had to turn the boat over for an owner’s trip starting the next evening.  It would have been nice to have a little more down time but hey that’s how the charter life goes!

Currently, Jon and I are anchored off of Marina Cay with the owner of Split Second.  It is just the three of us so Isaac gets 10 days off! Lucky guy! I must say it is quite strange not having him around. We miss you Isaac!

Today has been quite an uneventful day for us and the owner.   It rained most of the day and therefore there is absolutely no wind. We are hoping the rest of the week gets much better so that we can show the owner how well Split Second can actually sail!

In the mean time, we have used this day to get to know the owner a little bit better, and this evening we are going to head into Pusser’s on Marina Cay for a drink and a bite to eat together.

Here is a great photo of our stellar bartender Isaac! Thanks Nick for this amazing picture!


Until next time,

Kait and Jon


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