Happy New Year!!!

Since our last post, we have had a successful Boss trip, had about a week and half of down time, and now we are nearing the end of our 10 day Christmas/New Year’s charter! It was great to have some down time considering Jon and I basically chartered for 3 weeks straight (we had a Thanksgiving charter then a 2 week boss trip back to back).  We had time to catch up with some of our favorite crews , share a few cocktails, and also do some maintenance on Split Second.  All of which were definitely needed ;-).

The charter that we are currently on is our second guest charter on Split Second.  The group consists of 5 70ish year-olds that do this type of trip every other Christmas. They are from New York city and all except one are in the writing industry and have been extremely successful. A few of their careers have been with Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, New York Magazine etc.  They are a very relaxed group that just enjoy lounging on our sunbeds while reading, and exploring each island we venture to.  They seem to be incredibly happy with us as a crew, and with our food!

10 days is a long time to be on charter, but with this easy going group, it has made the charter relatively stress free!  We drop them off on January 1st and pick up our next charter on January 7th.

Enough about our charters,  Happy New Year to all! I can’t believe that we have already been away from home for 3 months! We are extremely happy with Split Second and are excited for the new adventures that will come with 2017! Most of all, we are excited about the opportunity to bring Split Second to the America’s Cup in Bermuda, and then on to NEW ENGLAND! Can’t wait to be in our home waters!

Cheers to 2017!

Kait and Jon


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  1. Todd says:

    Was about twelve months and a couple hours from now that we were headed to Jost and setting up for a great New Years Eve. Won’t be the same tomorrow without your blueberry pancakes, cheese burgers and beef tenderloin. Happy New Years to a great couple and wonderful crew.

    Todd & Jen.


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