Still going strong.

Last week we completed our 3rd charter on Split Second!  This last charter was a flotilla consisting of 9 Lagoon 620’s and 2 Lagoon 560’s.  It was quite fun to be around so many other crews that have the same career as us.  Of course, we had plenty of time to share stories, the good and the bad, and made time at the end of charter to party together in celebration of a successful week!

The biggest difference between this last charter and all of our other bookings, is that these guests were gifted the trip.  Each guest had won a sales competition at their car dealership.  Therefore, the couples that were grouped together for the week did not previously know each other.  As you can imagine, this makes for an interesting dynamic aboard each yacht. Our group did well together, but there were definitely times where the atmosphere got a little tense.

We are currently off charter.  And no we are not just on vacation when we are off charter… We are currently at Nanny Cay marina completing some maintenance and necessary surveys that Split Second needs to pass in order to keep chartering in the BVI.  There is definitely more down time than when we are on charter, but on boats there is always something to be done! Today, we are hoping to leave the dock around noon and head to Cooper Island for a relaxing afternoon, maybe enjoy a few mango mojitos :-),  and then we will spend the night in North Sound, Virgin Gorda.

We just recently picked up two new charters in February, so all of us crew members are happy that our schedule is filling up!  All three of us enjoy being busy, and of course it is non stop when we have a charter.  We will be in the BVI until March and then we get to travel to St. Maarten, the Bahamas, Bermuda and then home to New England!  Can’t wait to catch up with everyone in our home waters!



All the best,

Kait and Jon


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