Our past month in review…

It’s been about a month since my last post and there sure have been a lot of great happenings on Split Second.

Our family got to pay us a visit at the end of January! Jon and I loved showing them our new float house and of course all of the beautiful islands we get to see day in and day out. It was a perfect time for them to get away from the snowy New England coast, and enjoy paradise for a short while!

We picked up a charter on Feb 6th (just a quick five day trip) and this group of 8 friends knew how to party! They had been to the BVI a few times before, so they already knew exactly where they wanted to go. We hit Norman island, Bitter End, Scrub Island for two nights, of course Jost and ended with St. John as usual. Most of them extended there trip with an extra day at the Ritz once they deplaned Split Second. Reality was hitting way too hard!

Immediately after we dropped them off, we headed to Nanny Cay Marina for our second generator install. The install couldn’t of gone any smoother. Both Jon and Marine Maintenance¬†were amazed and incredibly pleased with the end result. We are the first lagoon 620 to successful install a generator this big in the port engine room! And best of all, it’s pretty much silent!

We are currently on our 6th charter of the season. We picked these two families up on the 19th and they are with us until the 25th. The group consists of four adults and three boys. Two eleven year olds and one eight year. As you know, I absolutely adore children so it has been quite a treat to have them on board! And a good change of pace for the crew.

Once we drop these guests off on Saturday, we begin our travel period. We will head to St. Maarten as soon as we have a clear weather window. We will be there for the month of March and then head back to BVI for most of April. From there we set sail to the Bahamas! Split Second will be there for most of May. We are heading to Bermuda in June for the America’s Cup, and hope to pick up a few charters while we are there! Jon has watched the America’s Cup since he was a little guy, so as you can imagine he is beyond thrilled that we have the opportunity to be there!

Lastly, we will headed to New England for the summer and hope to be in the Kennebunk river for the 4th of July! Wohoo! It will be so nice to be back in our hometown with our new floating home! Hit us up if anyone wants to join us on Split Second while we are in Bermuda!

img_0598Cheers, Kait and Jon


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