St. Barths Bucket Race

Last week, Jon, Isaac and I were located in St. Barths.  We were on an owners trip, and lucky for us, he wanted to view the Bucket Race! It’s amazing how many gorgeous monohulls we got to see race.  Here are a few just to give you an idea…


On the third day of the Bucket Race, Jon and our owner actually got to be crew on one of the sailing yachts that was participating in the race.  Jon has quite a few connections in the sailing world, and one of his great friends was generous enough to get them involved!  Jon had a blast being a bowman, and our owner enjoyed the thrill that comes along with racing…he thinks he will stick to catamarans though 😉

Not only were the yachts absolutely gorgeous, but St. Barth’s is a beautiful French island.  It is like being in Europe but in the Caribbean!  Gustavia (the main town) is adorable!  With all the hustle and bustle of the Bucket Race, it was a happenin’place!  We got to explore the town a few times, and on our last evening, the owner took us out for dinner.  It was a treat for sure…mostly because I didn’t have to cook that evening!IMG_0785.JPG

We are now back in BVI and on charter.  We picked up our 8 guests this afternoon and we can tell that they are a very fun group!  We have three back to back charters in BVI and then we are headed to the Bahamas for another owner trip and one charter.  These 3 weeks will go by incredibly fast because we are so busy, but we are making sure to enjoy our last weeks in BVI.



Kait and Jon



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