Oh New England…

As most of you know, we have been back in New England since July 3rd!  And let me tell you, it has been quite refreshing! Don’t get me wrong, we love the tropical climates as well, but there is something about the New England coast that just makes us feel at ease. This is where we both grew up sailing, and I guess it’s just kind of nostalgic (in an awesome way!)

When we first arrived, we spent a few nights in our hometown ( Jon offically says he is from Kennebunkport now ;-), celebrated my favorite holiday (the 4th) with our best family and friends, and then we moved on to Portland Yacht Club for a few weeks.  Our friends and family have finally had the chance to come see what we live, work, and entertain on.  As I always say, our life isn’t too shabby, but of course there is plenty of work involved keeping this boat in tip top shape and charter ready!

We are currently on charter with the owner of Split Second. We picked him, his family, and their closest family friends up in Newport on July 28th.  The plan is to explore the, Newport area, Elizabeth Islands, Cape Cod and Boston area with them until August 9th. Then Jon and I will make the transit to Camden, ME.  For those transit days, they will stay in a hotel in Boston and then meet us in Camden on the 11th.  They have said several times that they are extremely happy with the decision they made to come to New England! Of course, this makes us very happy considering we have to make sure they are happy at all times!

The best part about being in New England…I can make all new entrees with all this wonderful seafood we have accessible! It has been quite fun to mix the menu up a bit! I’ve been able to make lobster rolls, crab cakes, fish and chips, clam chowder… all the staples!

Jon and I can’t wait to show them our favorite place, the coast of Maine! We will be spending 8 days in the Penobscot Bay area and we are hoping they enjoy it as much as we do!  Once we drop them off on August 19th, we will cruise a bit on our own and then get ready to haul her out in Belfast! Technically, August 19th is the end of our charter season!  We aren’t totally sure what we will do with our free time, but hey the world is our oyster haha!  Hope to see some of you in Maine soon!

All the best,

Kait and Jon



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